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    The Demise of the Yellow Stitch

    Posted by Tracy on

    Our first blog post and a somewhat timely, or untimely one, I’m not sure. The big announcement is that NPS (Northamptonshire Productive Society), the parent company of Solovair, have ceased manufacture and production of the yellow stitched Derby boot and shoe.

    Yesterday, the 20th of September 2016 saw the last yellow stitched boot leave the factory. We at the Air Cushion Boot company have enjoyed a good relationship with NPS for many years and chose to specialise in the styles that we consider to be ‘The Originals’, the footwear that NPS first made under contract for Dr. Martens, in 1959. We at ACBC have always fought the corner of the original manufacturer, just because we think it’s important. 

    As you know, Airwair International took their manufacturing to Asia and ended every contract with every British manufacturer that they worked with, it was unfortunately all about profits. There are some that still say Solovair are UK made fakes; no, no, no! NPS have held out for over 20 years but yesterday saw them finally having to give up the fight. I think I have said enough.

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