Original 8 eye boots arrived promptly in New Zealand and are great. I wore Docs as a kid at school and university in the UK.  Here in NZ, I got back into them with my first airline job and have worn Docs for flying ever since. Now a Captain for Air New Zealand Link, the Solovair boots are even better than Docs.Thanks, Dave



“Couldn't be happier; the inside leather is soft unlike the asian alternative. Fit perfect on my feet, what more can I say best shoes I've brought since my first pair of docs 30 years ago. Well worth it and 9 days after ordering they where at my door in Melbourne, Australia. Another pair will be ordered soon, Cheers Anthony”



 I got my Solovair 8 eye Oxblood boots yesterday and they are superb! They got here so fast! Many thanks!



"The best shoes I've seen in years - MADE IN ENGLAND - excellent - thank you!"


“Hi Tracy,

I have today received the Original Stitch Oxblood shoes size 10-thanks.

The first impression of my first Solovair shoes is that the quality of the leather is really nice and that the Oxblood colour is perfect as it is a much darker Oxblood than my recent Made in England Oxblood DMs that are more a matt cherry colour than these Solovairs. These Solovairs are the traditional Oxblood colour and are a traditional shiny leather too.

The fit is comfortable with the leather feeling supple and they are also slightly longer in the toe of the shoe which helps me out as well.

Just a small point; the leather insole in the right shoe was not stuck down correctly from about two thirds of the way down the insole on one side of the insole and was therefore lifted and bubbled but I rectified that by peeling the edge away and then re-sticking that front 3rd of the insole back down with some glue. The factory needs to pay attention to details like these - maybe they are stuck in by hand? Anyway, my English made DMs don’t give any leather insoles at all!

Overall, this is a very nice quality shoe and in a traditional Oxblood colour and finish I haven’t seen in years and years, probably since the 70s, yes I’m old enough to remember that far back!

Michael L”


"Excellent - hubby first had docs. in 1969!! He thinks these are great AAAAAAAAAA"


“Really great boots !! Old school boots, hard to find them.

Thanks !



“Dear Tracy,

I got the boots in my hands and they are absolutely amazing.

The cherry red nuance is the best i’ve ever seen.

Forget the made in China Dr Martens!

Only 7 working days from order to home delivery in Italy.

Congratulations for the friendly and careful service.

Best regards.



"Wow! Proper well made shoes like DMs used to be. Chuffed to bits!!!!"


“As a devotee of Airwair for the last 35 years I can say without hesitation that my new Solovair Gibson shoes are without doubt the best I`v ever owned, In fact they feel like they were hand made for me. The uppers are beautifully finished and really spacious which is great if you have a broader foot or higher arches and the air cushion sole has plenty of bounce and a good deep hard wearing tread. Timpson's oxblood polish brings these shoes up like freshly hatched conkers.  Hand on heart, I can`t recommend these shoes enough, It feels like 1975 again. Cheers folks.

Rob A”


WOW! Super uberfast shipping! The shoes are so great they make my eyes bleed!


“Hi Tracy,

Of course you may use any of my comments on you site!  As for the sizing, here is what I think:  I am able to compare a Chinese made DM 1460 8 eye with my new boots. The Solovair boots seem to be very slightly larger. I personally have a lower instep, and the Solovair boots appear to fit better. However, I work at a shoe store which sells all kinds of Chinese made shoes (I consider them all junk and really do not like my job!) including some of the Chinese made DM range.  I tried a few on, and there is a problem.  Since these DM’s are made a various Asian factories, the sizes are all different!  It makes a direct comparison difficult. 

I did not have the chance yet to compare to the new Vintage DM’s.  I have a pair, but they are tucked away and it may be a few days until I get them out.  ( I collect various things, and store them all in larger boxes.)  I will inform you once I make the comparison. 

The Solovair boot sizes do match up very well against the old British made DM’s.  I own lots of them, and the sizes are quite consistent.  And the UK 10 is pretty much a US 11. 

Also, there is no comparison between the quality of the Solovair boots and the Chinese DM’s.  Besides the history and tradition, the materials and workmanship are top notch. 

Another interesting note: the Solovair boots actually give off the same scent as the old British DM’s!  I assume it’s the leather, adhesives and grade of PVC.  I always have liked that smell.  The Chinese DM’s just smell like cheap shoes!

Anyway, I will be sure to remember to compare them to the new Vintage boots and inform you of the results.

Many thanks again,

Mike M”


“Dear Tracy,

This is Daniel.  I want to let you know that I have received my order today.  AMAZING!!!!  Thank you so much for this excellent product.  I will definitely recommend your site and Solovair boots.  

Sincerely yours,

Daniel C”


"Excellent price, Excellent delivery, great shoes, like the good old days"


“I received the parcel today. Nice boots and very good quality!

Thank you very much


Having received over 500 positive

Many thanks,


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