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    Excellent boots!
    5 Stars

    Product: Solovair 11 Eye Black Greasy Commando Boot
    Posted By: Joseph Wilson

    I already own a pair of similar boots in a shiny smooth leather so decided to try these greasy boots. I'm very happy with these! I'm not sure if it's the soft leather or something else but they've been very comfortable from the first wear and they look fantastic. I haven't had then very long but they seem to holding up better than others I've had. Very happy with these! 


    Super Boots
    5 Stars

    Product: Solovair 11 Eye Black Greasy Commando Boot
    Posted By: Daniel

    Superb quality oil treated boots. Looks and feels nice, very comfortable and breathable. I like that they are greasy. 



    very good product
    5 Stars

    Product: Solovair 8 Eye Oxblood Boot
    Posted By: N/A

    Thanks to Air Cushion Boot Co, very fast to answer and good quality product ! 



    Boots like i remember them being
    5 Stars

    Product: Solovair 8 Eye Black Derby Boot
    Posted By: Richard

    As a boot wearer since the late 1980's these are just like the boots I remember from my earlier years. They are very well made and of a thicker leather then my previousley usual boots. I am extremely pleased I made this swap over to Solovair. With a bit of care these will last me a good few years . If they do, I know where I will coming to get my next pair 



    Best classic Gibson shoe
    5 Stars

    Product: Solovair 3 Eye Oxblood Gibson Shoe
    Posted By: Jean-Christophe Charron

    A purchase that I'm not about to regret: immediate comfort, quality of the finish and work, flexibility and strength of the sole and the leather as well as a predictable overall sustainability make this pair of Gibson my companions for many autumns walks to come. More generally, I am convinced that Solovair probably offers the best value in its field. 



    True Made in England boot
    5 Stars

    Product: Solovair 8 Eye Oxblood Boot
    Posted By: Nigel Bishop

    Quality Boot 
    Good strong leather 
    Fantasic company to deal with and fast delivery very happy with the boots 
    Cant say enough about this great English boot n shoe company!!! 



    Quality Product
    5 Stars

    Product: Solovair 8 Eye Black Derby Boot
    Posted By: Andrew

    I've had a few pairs of Solovairs now and have always been very pleased with the quality. They wear very well even though I wear them on my motorcycle. I have, in the past, gotten a good five years out a pair. These are like the boots I remember from the seventies. I live in Australia and the postage took five days. Amazing service. I truly wouldn't bother with any other brand. 



    Proudly made in UK !!!
    5 Stars

    Product: Solovair Black Chelsea Boot
    Posted By: Maurice

    I was looking for chelsea boots to replace my old Doc. Since Dr Martens produced his boots «outside UK», I saw how cheap they are. I'm 63 years old and I still wear Chelsea boots. I find the Solovair products and I say «That's it». Beautiful boots very well made «proudly in UK» Very high standards of quality and finish. The price is very affordable. Delivery, very fast (I live in Canada). For my next anniversary birthday, I'll buy an other pair of Chelsea from Solovair. With this company, you'll won't be wrong. Buy «made in UK». 



    Made in England Excellence
    5 Stars

    Product: Solovair 8 Eye Burgundy Rub-Off Derby Boot
    Posted By: Dave

    First of all I'd like to thank the Air Cushion Boot Co. for their excellent customer service. 
    The Solovair Burgundy Rub Off 8 Hole boots arrived in pristine condition and right out of the box the quality is apparent. 
    I have worn boots and shoes made in various places including Italy and all pale in comparison to the craftsmanship of Made In England footwear. 

    Thanks again, 



    A true classic and an icon.
    5 Stars

    Product: Solovair 11 Eye Oxblood Boot
    Posted By: Hans-Christian

    Well, I'm overwhelmed. Once again. Ordered 26 Sept in the UK, arrived in Germany 29 Sept. That is what I call outstanding customer service. Many thanks. Granted, postage is not cheap but the boots arrived fast and in immaculate condition, which must be taken into account when talking about cost. Bottom line: Value for money. 

    Now, the boots themselves. 

    Anyone who ever bought a pair of real Solovairs, will understand me when I'm saying: Unboxing and putting them on for the first time, running the laces through and pulling them tight, it is an experience. A very happy one. 

    This is my second pair of 11-eyelet Derby boots, the other ones are black and were the first pair I ever bought from you. Putting on the new oxblood ones was like meeting an old friend again, same feel, same comfort, same wonderful craftsmanship. These boots will, I feel sure last me - after all, my black ones are still going strong and with the first set of laces, too. And they have been worn quite extensively. They fit like a glove and will once broken in - not a long process with Solovairs usually - be even better. 

    Very happy with my purchase. 

    My only regret is that it will be the last ones with the yellow stitching. I do hope however, that the management at Solovair/NPS will reconsider their decision. People have a right to get real boots with yellow stitchings, the ones that are comfy, British made, the ones that actually are what some other boots with or without the label claim to be or stand for. It is a mad, sad world when working-class icons like the 8,11 (10) and 14 eyelet yellow stitching Derby boots are now made under conditions we do not want to get into somewhere in Asia. Solovairs ARE what these other boots live on in terms of the image. 

    Get real folks, and buy the real stuff. You want to give yourself the image then live up to it! 



    5 stars
    5 Stars

    Product: Solovair Oxblood Chelsea Boot
    Posted By: Justine

    Really comfortable boots need to wear in ..just great quality leather and design 



    Best made 3 eye shoes I have
    5 Stars

    Product: Solovair 3 Eye Oxblood Gibson Shoe
    Posted By: Steve

    These are made to the best standard I have ever seen in this type of shoe. The fit is great and comfortable. 



    Best boot ever made.
    5 Stars

    Product: Solovair 7 Eye Black Monkey Boot
    Posted By: Stevie Kerrigan

    I had bought a pair of made in england Dr martens and they had loose stitching and they were cut uneven so I returned them and researched in doing this I discovered the real original solovair and bought a pair of these and the stitching is perfect even cut and the leather is so soft you don't have to spend 13 months breaking them in and they look so much better than doc martens these are what I've been looking for I even bought another pair for the future. 



    Excellent Boots!
    5 Stars

    Product: Solovair 6 Eye Oxblood ‘Hawkins’ Astronaut Boot
    Posted By: Eugene

    The feel of the leather is nice , and the look is super sleek. Highly recommend these boots , if you are looking beyond the usual stuffs! 



    A legendary shoe
    5 Stars

    Product: Solovair 8 Eye Black Derby Boot
    Posted By: Arnaud

    Incredible quality. I bought them to replace an old pair in which the sole where worn out. 

    in fact, those shoes are so wonderful that I ordered two pairs;) 



    Watch out for size
    5 Stars

    Product: Solovair 3 Eye Oxblood Gibson Shoe
    Posted By: Paul Selfe

    Excellent quality shoes - second to none. 

    Watch out for the sizes though. I'm a 7.5 and already own a pair of older style Solovair gibsons; the newer pair came up about a half size too big.