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    The Air Cushion Boot company started trading around 1969, back then it was then known as ‘Timson Shoes’ named after my father, Bernard Timson. Bernard had a full time job at the Coventry based car manufacturer Jaguar, now 'Jaguar Land Rover', he was a skilled miller, making parts for many iconic British made motorcars.

    As many factory workers were on their feet all day it occurred to Bernard that the Air Cushioned ‘Dr. Marten shoes’, available from the Northampton based manufacturer NPS, might be popular. Having done a little market research he felt confident in placing his first wholesale order. Jaguar and its workers proved to be the perfect outlet for the Air Cushioned footwear and a small enterprise was born.

    Bernard took his NPS manufactured Dr. Marten’s footwear to the Leicestershire markets at the weekends and continued to sell them successfully for many years while still continuing to work full time at ‘The Jag’. When Dr. Marten took their production from Northampton to Asia, NPS continued to manufacture the footwear but under their own name ‘Solovair’, Bernard had no problem convincing his loyal customers that the quality of the rebranded shoe was identical to that of their previous purchases and sales continued to grow.

    Bernard retired from ‘The Jag’ in 1996 and due to popular demand set up a Mail Order business to enable him to continue supplying his former colleagues and continued to do so until 2006 when due to illness he was forced to retire.

    It was at this time that we, his family had to decide whether to wind up the business or carry on. We had talks with NPS and they felt that they would like to support us going forward and suggested we create a website. We have been trading online for a few years now and we are proud of the relationship we have with NPS and the products they make. The Air Cushion Boot Co. are totally independent of NPS but we support the brand, appreciate their long history and believe in the quality of their workmanship, which is why we only sell Solovair boots & shoes.